Dating involves mixed emotions of feeling nervous and excited but also scary and risky when you fall for the wrong person. So it’s essential that you choose a right partner wisely. When you are ready for a date then follow some useful tips below to make your dating experience a memorable one:

  • Block your calendar in advance and decide a good agenda for the date: It’s never a good idea to arrive at a date late after a hectic day at work. Plan out a possible day that can work out for both you and your partner to spend quality together by choosing a good restaurant. You can also include an exciting activity like going for a movie, shopping cooking at home, etc before sitting down to eat. Arriving early or just on time is a good practice to set the mood right for the date.


  • Put on your best outfit: Its ideal to select some bright color clothes which would make you look more confident and passionate before your partner. Grooming gets mandatory to make you and your partner feel good and look good for a lasting impression.


  • Style your positive side: No matter how good or bad your day has started, just remember to stay calm, be positive, and flaunt your confidence in style with the way you walk, conversate and behave with your partner, Also keep the table etiquettes  in check when you are with your partner for a pleasant dining experience.


  • Keep those distractions aside: When you meet your partner for the first date, get rid of all disturbances of the world by avoiding phone calls, or texting. When you are on a date give all the focus, attention and talks your partner needs by putting your phone in a bag or keeping in silent mode for establishing great conversations on a date.


  • Be Polite in talks, Pick interesting topics, but don’t be quiet: Nobody likes to date a partner who behaves rude, brags only about oneself or prefers to stay quiet and shy. So make your date come alive with exciting subjects like hobbies, or subjects that interest both of you. Maintaining good eye contact throughout the date cannot be skipped. Talks about work or past relationships or even investigating your partner with too many questions is a complete turnoff.


  • Don’t fuss over the bill too much: When you notice the waiter approaching the bill don’t jump up and leave in haste or force the partner to pay. Instead pause for a while till one of the partners takes the initiative to pick up the bill or even an agreement to co-pay the bill would also be fine without any fuss.


  • End on a good note: Make wise decision to stay in love forever or accept the rejection with a smile.