The society’s perception of homosexuals, in general, presents some disadvantages to the majority of gay individuals. Reports of prejudice and discrimination in school, career opportunities, and even relationships abound despite serious efforts by the gay community to promote equality and fight for the human rights of those belonging to the third sex. However, not all is bad news for the gay population. Over the past few years, there has been a significant cultural shift that made open homosexuals accepted and welcomed in the society.

In the Workplace

The advantages of being gay are now quite apparent, especially for those who are brave enough to reveal their true identity to the world. Today, many companies around the world are starting to realize the extraordinary passion and dedication that many gay individuals are capable of offering when it comes to work. As a matter of fact, several studies have already complemented this observation. According to research, gay individuals bring home more money than their straight counterpart. Furthermore, it was found out that gay people owe less and that they are much better at managing their money compared to most heterosexuals.

In Friendships

Another one of the best advantages of being gay is that you can be around women and actually be very close to them. One of the reasons why many females feel uncomfortable being around men is because they feel like they’re only trying to get into their pants. On the other hand, most women feel at ease with gays because they know that they can enjoy pure friendship – one that does not involve hidden sexual desires.

In Relationships

If you ask homosexuals about the advantages of being gay, there is a likely chance that you will hear one say “never having to deal with women.” While that may sound funny, there is actually truth to that, especially when it comes to relationships. Being gay may mean easier communication with your partner. Because you both share the same sexual orientation, you’ll more or less understand each other’s needs and wants. Meanwhile, if you’re straight, you have no choice but to put up with women who, in general, are quite difficult to gauge and understand.

In Sex

One of the best advantages of being gay is enjoying lots of sex and never having to worry about getting pregnant. On another perspective, being gay is a great excuse for not having kids. This is great news for many gays, particularly for those who are simply not wired to parenthood. Moreover, gay couples can be somewhat more adventurous when it comes to sex. They are uninhibited and will try everything to make their sack sessions exciting and stimulating, and this page – may just be the icing on the cake that gay couples need to further spice up their sex life.

In Marriage

Being gay is perhaps the best excuse for not getting married. While many LGBT groups are trying to fight for their right to marry, others are simply not into it. The right to civil marriage is a very serious thing. For some, it’s a great thing. For others, it’s a lifelong commitment that may be tough to sustain.

Being gay is not just about being discriminated and stereotyped as this and that. The truth is, being a member of the third sex can be fun too, especially if you think about the benefits of being gay when it comes to professional career, friendships, relationships, sex, and marriage.