Are you new to using WordPress? Are you still trying to find your way around this highly useful content management system? Part of what makes WordPress so useful is the many layers of features and tools that exist. It seems as though, the more you look around and explore, the more you’ll find. This is exactly why we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of six things you may not be aware of when using WordPress. These tricks, tips and advice can help ensure you get the most out of the user experience.

WordPress Has Been Around for a Long Time

Here’s an interesting fact that many people don’t realize, and that’s the age of WordPress. Did you know that it has been around longer than Facebook and Twitter? WordPress was in fact first released back in 2003. That’s almost 20 years ago!

A Large Percentage of Websites Use WordPress

If you’ve ever wondered what your competition may be using to power their website, there is a good chance it could be WordPress. Statistics show that it is incredibly popular with more than 400 people visiting websites powered by WordPress monthly.

Add Coupons to Your Site with Ease

You may wish to add a coupon to your site and, if that’s the case, the coupon plugin makes it easy to add coupons to WordPress. This plugin is also SEO-friendly, which ensures the user experience stays the same across all platforms/devices. This is ideal for when you want to give users the ability to cop a discount code or coupon and like the idea of a click to reveal the type of function.

And speaking of plugins, there are more than 50,000 different plugins you can use and they are all free.

Extra, Extra Read All About It – WordPress Is Completely Free

Did you also know that, despite all its functionality and tools, it is open-source and free for you to use? No company owns WordPress; instead, there is a non-profit foundation that has the rights to the trademark. That also means there is no CEO of WordPress.

WordPress Is Available in a Huge Number of Languages

Part of what makes WordPress so effective and functional is making it available on a global scale. WordPress is available in over 65 different languages. It is estimated that are there more than 64 million websites that use WordPress all around the world. Some of the biggest brands that use WordPress include The Rolling Stones, People Magazine, NASA, MTV News and Vogue.

WordPress Is So Much More than Just a Blogging Platform

While it’s true that WordPress began as a blogging platform, much has changed since then. Today it is used in all kinds of ways such as e-commerce sites, a place for online courses, forums and communities and more.

If you’re just starting to dip your toes into WordPress and all that it’s capable of, it’s a good idea to keep digging deeper as this one has many layers to it.